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Today for Live Life in Yoga Pants wellness Friday our focus is “Feel Everything”

We are officially in the thick of the holiday season. Let the countdown begin – only 12 more days until Christmas Eve! I think anyone that hears that automatically tenses up. So, here is something to think about:

I went to a great yoga class this morning that really put me in check. As with almost every yoga class I go to, I take something from it, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. This was a Vinyasa with weights class. The instructor is a great and always pushes us. I think it was about half way through the class that she said something that really stuck with me. She said, there is not need to rush through each pose, slow down – “feel everything”. So I did and I know I will “feel” it tomorrow.

However, I also thought, what a great reminder for this time of year. We are all so rushed through the season. Do we really “feel” the season? Or do we just rush to get everything done and get through it?  I do, I find myself rushing through it and I love this time of year. I love seeing family and friend that I only get to see this time of year because we are so busy. So, I’m not going rush this year. I don’t know about you but each year it seems to go by faster and faster. I want to feel it.

I’m going to take the time and really be present with each person I see, Be thankful that I get to see them, hug them a little longer and smile more. Sometimes all you need to do is make that commitment to yourself to make it happen. So, stop. Take a couple deep breathes and just – feel it. Feel the love and light around you…be the love and light for other people. Don’t feel overwhelmed by it – just embrace it and smile!



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Healthy Holiday Tip : Don’t skip your workout!  I know it’s easy to say “I don’t have time” Don’t. Do something, like try our Plank and balance challenge.

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Here are some quick and easy breakfast ideas for you:


If you haven’t already — check out our post on how to stay Healthy and Happy this holiday season: Healthy, Happy Holiday Season!


Namaste – have a great weekend and Enjoy!

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Megan Bireta is a wife, and mother of two active boys. Working out is "me" time for Megan. It's also her passion and hobby. She hopes to help others get motivated and live healthier, happier lives!

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