3 Tips to Creating Healthy Eating Habits

Instead of setting a New Year’s Resolution to lose X amount of weight, try setting a healthy eating goal!  Replacing one bad habit with one good habit will eventually give you the results you’re looking for.  The benefit of taking the long route is that it will last longer.  Get off the weight loss roller coaster and start creating healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime!

Here are tips to creating healthy eating habits:


1. Eat Every 2-1/2 to 3 Hours

Ever find yourself on the go, and before you know it you haven’t eaten all day? By the time lunch (or maybe even dinner) comes along, you’re starved! You may be thinking, “I’m not even eating that much, why am I not losing weight?”

By skipping meals, you’re going into a “starvation mode, ” and instead of losing weight, your body is holding onto everything it can to fuel those important organs that keep you running. One of the most important healthy habits you can start is to eat regularly throughout the day. Start with breakfast within the first 1/2 hour to an hour of waking up, then eat a small-portioned, balanced meal every 2-1/2 to 3 hours from the time you start your first meal. This healthy habit will get your metabolism going, level out your blood sugars, and help you lose weight safely.

Joni Moore, Certified Health Coach, Take Shape For Life

2. Change the Way You Think and Feel About Food

Diets are temporary unless it becomes a way of life. A healthy, slender lifestyle includes eating clean, exercising and having a healthy mind. Changing the way you think and feel about food is the key to end dieting forever.

Take a look at how you view food. Is it company, love or a friend? Food is meant to nourish us. By learning how you think and feel about food you can then focus on the areas of your life that food is substituting. Food then becomes more neutral, as it is meant to be. You can still enjoy healthy food, but you will have addressed the body image and emotional issues you heal with food that cause weight gain to begin with.

Laura Umfer, Psy.D., CM-I, CCH, SFN, LLC, Licensed Clinical Psychologist/Weight Loss Advisor, Laura Umfer, Psy.D., LLC

3. Drink Enough Water

After gaining forty pounds dieting, I swore I would never diet again. I lost the forty pounds with my own technique (thinking thin) and have kept it off over twenty-five years. As I imagined myself thin, ideas came to me to put into place for life. The most effective idea, and easy for me to stick with, was replacing any kind of fruit juice or soda with water.

I love desserts, so I opted to keep those and toss the sugar from juices and sodas, replacing them with what my body really needed and wanted, pure, fresh water.

Debbie Johnson, Author, Think Yourself Thin

Put these 3 habits into place over the next 3 weeks and watch as you gradually begin to feel more healthy.  These feelings will motivate you to make even more changes and you will be on the road to a weight loss lifestyle in no time!

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