6 Quotes That’ll Get You Happy

With fall in full swing and the threat of winter just around the corner, you might be feeling those negative thoughts creeping in more frequently. So, I went on the hunt for some quotes to help keep you feeling and spreading the warmth of happiness!

Make Up Your Mind to BE Happy

Honest Abe saw it back in his time – people who decide to be happy usually are happy.


Act Now for Happiness

The Dalai Lama is a constant voice in the pursuit of happiness and reminding us that we need to act to achieve happiness, it doesn’t just come to us:


Harmony = Happiness

Not sure what actions to take? Ghandi has a suggestion: align your thoughts, words and actions:


Spread the Cheer

Still not sure where to start? Mark Twain suggested looking outside first by trying to cheer up someone else:


Be the Living Expression Kindness

Mother Teresa takes the “cheer” up a notch by challenging us to make a positive impression on each person we meet by simply being kind:


Find the Beauty in Happiness

For a more modern-day take on the age-old quest for happiness, I found Drew Barrymore had said this about happiness and beauty:



Print, pin or share a few of these to help remind yourself and your friends that happiness is all around us – we just need to make up our minds to be happy, spread the cheer and let our kindness shine through as beauty!

Sharing is Healthy
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