How to Avoid Weight Gain this Holiday Season

Since Thanksgiving, I have had several opportunities to over-indulge.  And unsurprisingly I’ve taken advantage to do just that at every single one.  I gotta tell ya…  I’m a little concerned about the accumulated impact of these events on my waistline.  Today, our guest blogger has provided us with some good advice about how to avoid gaining the few extra pounds that comes with too much Holiday Cheer.

How to Avoid Suffering from too much Christmas Cheer!

The Holidays are a fun time, but it’s also the time to be smart about your food choices. There are lots of yummy foods, and some are better for you than others.

1. Choose Healthy: Where possible, select the healthier alternatives such as fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables that are easy to prepare and suitable for a few meals over the week.

2. Prepare: A great tip is to make up bulk amounts of salads, chopped veggies, and boiled eggs and store them in sealed containers in the fridge. They are a handy and simple meal or snack to grab on the run. They are also great for those ‘drop-in’ friends and relatives we get over the holiday period.

3. Keep up the Fluids: It is also crucial to keep up your fluid intake, and I mean water not champagne or beer!

4. Christmas Alternatives: Christmas food is indulgent and rich so try reducing the quantities you are having and choose the reduced-fat products such as yogurt instead of custard, turkey instead of pork and fruit instead of cheese platters.

5. Eat before an event: Snacking on something small and healthy before attending a Christmas event will prevent you from over eating on the wrong foods such as fried and battered party offerings.

6. Exercise: Now is not the time to abandon your exercise routine so keep moving! You may need to vary your workouts, but as long as you keep moving throughout the holiday period, the weight gain should be minimal.

Ali Cavill, Owner/Personal Trainer, Fit Fantastic

About the Author: A successful Personal Trainer & owner of Fit Fantastic, Ali is also a popular Group Fitness Instructor & an accomplished Consultant, Writer & Speaker on fitness/health topics within the community. As Rockwear Ambassador & ‘superstar’ for Australian Institute of Fitness Ali is spreading her energy across the country through mentoring upcoming fitness professionals and her appearances at schools, charity and community events! In her spare time she acts, appearing in the Australian Institute of Fitness National Ad campaign as well as Home & Away, Biggest Loser, The Circle, Great Gatsby & other productions. Ali is also tertiary trained as an HR Manager, having held such positions within NSW Government. Ali Cavill Owner/Personal Trainer – Fit Fantastic.   Read Ali’s Blog:  Find Ali on Facebook:

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