Make It Happen

My kids hate hearing this phrase… I say it all. the. time.

Teen: I was going to do my homework later…

Me: Make it happen.

Tween: I was going to eat after I finished this game…

Me: Make it happen.

Teen: I’m going to get straight A’s this semester…

Me: Make it happen.

Tween: I was going to clean my room…

Me: Make it happen.

Teen: I’m going to start my own YouTube channel…

Me: Make it happen.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy that they know what they should be doing. I’m glad that they’ve at least thought about doing the right thing. And, when I walk into the room with the “why the ferk is the room such a mess” look on my face, I’m slightly appeased when they pick up on the body language and start stating their intentions.

But, what I really hope they understand is that just saying you’re going to do something doesn’t actually get the job done. They have to do the work to make it happen.

Adults Do This Too – Do You?

Recently,  I realized that my sons aren’t the only ones that spout off with their good intentions. My friends and family know that I like to workout and that though I’m not a complete nutrition-freak, I try to make good decisions about what I eat. So, whether they are being nice by bringing up a topic they know I like, or they are really  interested in sharing some stories and tips, I often hear people around me stating their health and fitness intentions.

Friend: Now that summer is over, I’m going to start working out.

Me, silently screaming in my own head: Great idea. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Friend: I’ve got to stop having fast food, and just pack myself a healthy lunch during the week.

Me, silently screaming in my own head: Yes, you should. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Friend: If I just got up a half hour earlier to work out, I would be in such good shape.

Me, silently screaming in my own head: You would be – and you’d be happier too! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

And… my all-time favorite comment goes something like… Friend: You look great, I wish I were in good shape too.

Me, dying inside while silently screaming: YOU DON’T WISH YOURSELF FIT! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

The worst part is, the same people tell me the same kinds of things over and over and over again. Yet they never seem to make it happen.

Keep Your Goals to Yourself

(& increase your chances of achieving them!)

So, last week I was listening to a TED Radio Hour Podcast (I’ve warned you before, I’m a nerd!) and I heard a short little segment that I thought was the perfect compliment to my favorite phrase.

Here it is… it’s Derek Sivers at a TED conference talking about setting goals and how talking about those goals affects your chances of actually achieving your goals:

Stop Talking About it & Make It Happen

Derek’s talk made so much sense to me.

Whether it’s my kids telling me that they’re going to clean their room, or my friends telling me their grand plans for overhauling their health, as soon as they state the intention, they’ve essentially told themselves, “No need to worry about that any more, I’m going to take care of it…” As soon as they do that, the urgency of actually getting it done is gone.

Give it a try with your next goal. Don’t tell anyone. Write it down if it helps you commit, but don’t let anyone else know about it until you’ve done it.

Come tell us  when you reach that goal – we’d love to hear when you’ve made it happen!

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