New Year, Better YOU!

New Year, Better YOU!

In just a couple days we will say goodbye to 2016 and ring in a new year. As the new year approaches, I always reflect on the last 365 days and what I wanted to do compared to what I actually did, and then I start to think about what I want to accomplish in the new year. So instead of all the “new year, new you” buzz, I ‘ve decided it should be a “New Year, Better You”! Stop trying to be a whole new being. Instead keep the parts you love and improve on the things that will make you better.

New Year, Better YOU!

Here are some reminders when setting your new year’s resolutions

Pace Yourself

Remember this is like a running a marathon. There are 365 days to achieve your goals. Take your time and don’t get frustrated when it doesn’t happen in the first few weeks of the new year. Pace yourself. Goals, resolutions, accomplishments – whatever you want to call them take time.

Set Realistic Goals

Don’t say I am going to exercise every day and lose 20lbs.  Instead tell yourself something like – “I am going to exercise at least 2- 3 times a week” or if you already exercise a lot, maybe you just add 5 -10 minutes to your workout. Or even better…Just be a “healthier you”. Be realistic. We are busy, and if we start off with such a big commitment, it’s easier to just not do it at all. Set small, manageable goals.

Don’t Give Up

It’s ok to stumble and start again. Just don’t give up. That’s all part of the journey. As long as you stay on track, it’s ok to start over and over again. You can do it!

There are 365 days to grow and make 2017 better Every. Single. Day.

Cheers to a new year, better you!

Happy New Year!





Megan Bireta is a wife, and mother of two active boys. Working out is "me" time. I love yoga, cooking, baking, eating healthy, spending time with family and friends and watching my boys play sports. I hope to help others get motivated and live healthier, happier lives!

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