Take a Quick Break and Recharge with this Yoga Flow

It’s important to take breaks throughout the day to reset and recharge. Whether you work at home or in an office, days can get long sitting at a desk working on a computer. Breaks become more important. I found that taking a couple minutes and doing this quick yoga flow helped me recharge and helped my posture while working.

The great thing is you can do this anywhere. Grab a co-worker or a friend if they are over and try it out. I find myself doing it while am getting dinner ready. It just feels good, it opens the heart, shoulders, stretches the side body and most importantly connects us with our breath.

Recharge Yoga Flow

  1. Start by standing – feel your stance: tall, grounded and strong.
  2. Inhale – Circle your arms up overhead, gaze past your fingertips
  3. Exhale – Take a side bend to your right. Right arm goes behind your back and your left arm goes up and over your head. Keeping the elbow in line with the ears. You should feel the stretch in the lateral side of the right body.
  4. Inhale – Bring both arms up and back to center, gaze past fingertips
  5. Exhale – Take a side bend to your left. Left arm goes behind your back and your right arm goes up and over your head. Again, keep the elbow in line with the ears. You should feel the stretch in the lateral side of the left body.
  6. Inhale – Keep the left arm behind your back, bring the right arm behind your back. Interlace fingers, open the heart and shoulders by pulling the hands away from the low back ( do what feels good, don’t overexert)
  7. Exhale – Keeping the fingers interlaced fold forward, bring your heart towards your thighs and allow your interlaced fingers to lift up — just a little bit.
  8. Inhale – Release the bind and bring fingertips to the mat, lifting the head up (peak up towards the horizon) and back should be flat.
  9. Exhale – Fold it on in, bring your heart towards your thighs.
  10. Inhale – Root down, and rise up, circle the arms overhead and begin again.

I suggest 3-5 rounds of this yoga flow to really feel it. If you want more, go for it!


Here is a video of the flow for demonstration:


Megan Bireta is a wife, and mother of two active boys. Working out is "me" time. I love yoga, cooking, baking, eating healthy, spending time with family and friends and watching my boys play sports. I hope to help others get motivated and live healthier, happier lives!

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