Take it Easy and Get Healthy!

Woman celebrating sport successWe all do it, we set a bunch of resolutions each year and that we all mostly likely end up breaking. Make 2015 different.

At Live Life in Yoga Pants we believe in setting daily or even weekly intentions. It’s really a great way to “manage” all those changes you want to make for yourself.

Our guest blogger today, helps explain how you can make 2015 a healthy year by taking it one step at a time. Congratulations on making the choice to change in 2015…that’s the first BIG step!

Take it Easy and Get Healthy!

You can make 2015 your healthiest year ever but not by making it hard on yourself.

When we try to do too much at one time, we set ourselves up for setbacks and failure. Life gets in the way, our schedules may change, and then we feel as if we “dropped the ball” AGAIN. We feel discouraged and as if we have no self control.

You did not get where you are overnight.

You didn’t suddenly wake up with your current habits and routines, likes and dislikes. These things came about over the passage of days, months and years.  You cannot expect to change them and develop new behaviors overnight. When you start with little steps, you are more likely to succeed. Implementing a small change will serve you better than shooting for big changes all at once.

Decide to make one small change in your habits each week. It can be as simple as drinking an extra glass of water each day, or taking a 15-minute walk around your neighborhood a couple times each week. If you consistently take these tiny steps every week, you will have made 52 healthy changes by the end of one year.

Now that’s a good year!

Written By: Diana Fletcher, Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Diana Fletcher, Life Coaching


About the Author:

Diana Fletcher is the Stress Reducing Expert Life Coach, Writer and Inspirational Speaker. She encourages her clients, her readers and audiences to live lives of happiness and good health. She is the author of Happy on Purpose Daily Messages of Empowerment and Joy for Women and five other books on self care. She can be contacted through her website.

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