What NOT to Buy the Yogi in Your Life this Holiday

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It’s holiday and that means it’s time to think of yoga gift ideas  for that special yogi in your life. You’re on the hunt for the gift that will make them say “ohm”!

But, before I tell you what those gifts might be – I want to warn you about the gifts that you SHOULD NOT buy them. Why? Well… I’ve received these gifts before, and I know that the people who bought them for me put a lot of effort into picking out these items that just ended up shoved in the back of a closet somewhere.

So… even though your wife, your girlfriend, your sister, your daughter, your granddaughter, your daughter-in-law, your niece, or your friend does yoga does not mean that anything with the word “yoga” slapped on it is a good gift. Here are some examples…

Anti-Gift Guide: What Not to Buy for a Yogi

Don’t Buy Her Yoga Pants

I know, I know… with a site called “Live Life in Yoga Pants“, you think I should want you to buy yoga pants. But I don’t. Yoga pants for a yogi are like sneakers for a runner. The size, the fit, the style, the fabric, the brand… these are all things that matter quite a bit to someone who regularly practices yoga. Like shoes, these are hard to buy for someone else.

Plus, I’ll let you in on a little secret… good quality yoga pants aren’t cheap. If you ignored my warning above, this one will definitely hit you when you flip over the price tag and see a $80 – $120 figure on it. Do not be tempted to buy a cheaper pair – your yogi friend will know they are cheaper and she won’t be able to use them for yoga… and isn’t the whole point of buying a yoga pants for a yogi?

So… no yoga pants.

Don’t Buy Her a Mat

You just saw the cutest mat in her favorite color with a perfect design or quote printed on it. Walk away. Much like yoga pants, the right yoga mat is a personal fit.

I, and I know many of my friends, have different mats for different types of classes. The fact that this is news, weird or mind-blowing to you is exactly why you shouldn’t buy a yogi a yoga mat.

toeless-yoga-socksDon’t Buy Her Those Little Socks with No Toes

… because at least three other people have already gifted her with them. Yes, they are cute, yes I have three pairs, yes I’ve worn them from time to time, and yes I’ve seen others wearing them from time to time in class. But, they are essentially a novelty item.

Good Gifts for the Yoga Lover in Your Life

I don’t want to leave you hanging out to dry… there are things that you can buy that yogi in your life that she’ll actually love. Here are a few examples…

Gift Cards for Top Yoga Brands

Ayoga gift cards I mentioned above, good yoga pants are not cheap. Yogis don’t mind pooling gift cards to buy a pair of good yoga pants. So, feel free to give her a gift card for $10, $20, $50, etc to a store where she’ll find high quality yoga gear.

We suggest:

Trust me, certificates to any of those stores is a gift that all yogis will love.

Zip-Front Hoodies

Yoga classes get hot and sweaty. In the winter months, like we’re entering here in Michigan, leaving a steamy class means walking your sweaty body out into the freezing cold parking lot. So, the right outerwear is important.

Hoodies are great to have on hand throughout the year. In the fall and spring, they serve as the light covering your yoga loving friend needs to go to and from the yoga studio. In the winter, they help with the chill, and they serve as a protective barrier between your sweaty friend and her winter coat.

I recommend hoodies specifically because the hood is actually used. Your friend will lift that over her hot head before she walks out into the cold. I also specially mentioned “zip-front“. This is really about the ease of dressing and undressing. Imagine trying to wrangle your body into a pull-over hoodie right after you step out of the shower, before toweling off… a zipper makes it so much easier.

Zip-front hoodies don’t have to come from a special store, or be made of a special material. They don’t even need to have the word “yoga” on the tag.

Here are a few places that have zip-front hoodies at decent prices;

Hand Towels (for all of the sweat)

As a yogi, I can tell you, forgetting your towel makes class miserable. The sweat towel may seem like a boring gift, but it is an essential item that yogis love.

469719214509cThere are yoga towels that you can find in just about any sporting goods section. But, most of the people in most of the classes I attend simply use a hand towel. The keys to a great towel for yoga are:

  • Soft – your friend will be sliding this across her face about 20 times an hour.
  • Absorbent – no Egyptian cotton or those blends that make you feel wetter.
  • Applique-free – threads and embroidery backing get scratchy over time.
  • Patterns – let me be honest, your friend is going to wipe not only sweat, but boogers and make-up every time she blots her face. Patterns help hide the gunk.

Something like the Bed, Bath & Beyond towel set shown here on the right.

The Gift of Time

A true yogi will appreciate any gift you give her… but she won’t expect one. She’ll truly be happy to spend time with you during the holidays. So instead of stressing about what to buy for her, and having her stress about what to buy for you – ditch the gifts and spend time with each other instead.

Grab a cup of coffee and chat. Grab a tub of ice cream and crash on the couch watching a sappy Christmas movie together. Volunteer together to help those less fortunate. Go to a yoga class together – you can find a local Michigan yoga studio by clicking here.  (Guys, that last one would be a HUGE win for you. You will make your wife or girlfriend’s day if you ask to go to yoga with her.)

Happy Holidays!

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